Scored Tests

Scored Tests are tests in which you will not receive any feedback.  Your residency will receive your score as well as your complete test, including correct answer rationale.  An ID and password is required.  You have unlimited time to take the test, although the server may time you out if you leave your computer for a period of time.  You may restart the test (prior to answering all questions) up to 3 times. 

Once the test is completed, you will need to contact your residency for your result.

If you find an error in a particular question, whether spelling, grammar, or you think that it is just plain wrong, please click on the ! mark at the lower portion of the screen for that particular question.  Enter in your comments, and they are then added to a database of editing changes that will need to be considered.

Scored Tests

An ID and Password is required.  You will not receive any feedback about your test result or score.  Your residency will be emailed your test score and complete test, including correct answer rationale.  Residencies vary in how they handle these emails.  some will go over all tests taken at a particular conference every months.  Others will forward the email to the resident who took the test.

Abdominal/GI (20 questions) Environmental (20) Neurology (20) Sexual Assault/DV (25)
Administration (25) Elder Care (25) OB/GYN (20) Toxicology (40)
Anesthesia (20) Hand (20) Pediatrics (40) Trauma (33)
Cardiovascular (30) HEENT (25) Procedures (25) Ultrasound (11)
Clinical Pharm (30) Hematology (25) Psychobehavioral (25) Urogenital (25)
Cutaneous (25) Immunology (20) Renal/GU (20) 85 Question Test
EMS (25) Infectious Diseases (20) Research (20)  
Endocrinology (20) Musculoskeletal (26) Respiratory (30)