About the Online Tests

The online tests are the result of three separate task forces over a 15 year period that developed a question bank of over 2000 questions.  The task forces were charged by CORD (the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors) to develop a tool that would be useful to residencies and their residents.  The ultimate result of this is an online testing tool that benefits residencies and residents.  This online testing tool was presented as an Innovation in Medical Education at the 2002 AAMC meeting.

The Questions

The questions were submitted by residency directors from virtually every EM residency in the country.  Most were written by faculty, although some residencies chose to turn their submission into resident projects.

Future Goals and Directions

We are currently adding questions with photo stimuli to the question bank.  We hope to add more ultrasound images and questions, ECG images and questions, as well as others.

Want to Help?

Please consider submitting a question, particularly if an image is attached.  You can send email to administrator@cordtests.org for this purpose.  If you come across a poorly worded question, incorrect answer, etc., please send your comments!